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Join the Teen Advisory Board
Next meeting: December 8th at 7:30 in the Children's Program Room

Text reads: Teen Advisory Board. December 8th, 7:30-8:30 in the Children's Program Room. TAB is a place for teens to share their ideas and thoughts regarding youth programs and offerings. Help plan events and programs; see what's new in the YA collection; help choose library materials like books, movies, and games; and promote library awareness in the community. Who? Any member of the Walpole community who is in grades 7-12 (or the equivalent, if homeschooled)

What? The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is your opportunity to have a voice in influencing future collection development (i.e., what materials do we not have that you would like to see?), programming ideas, volunteer events, etc.

When? There are monthly general meetings during the school year to discuss ideas, upcoming events, and the like; our next general meeting is the second Tuesday in November

When the TAB sponsors an event (for example, October's two Halloween events), those members who are taking point on planning may wish to hold additional meetings, and members may be needed to help with promoting, setting up, running, and/or striking the event.

Where? At the library, although the specific room may vary.

Why? It's an opportunity to make the library a space that is more teen focused and teen friendly.  It's also a chance to have a low-stress hangout on a weekday evening.  When it comes time for you to apply to schools and jobs, TAB membership will look good on your application and/or resume.  The TAB can count toward any volunteer hours you need, as long as you make a good-faith effort to come to meetings and to participate in some of the TAB-sponsored events.  (Plus, as you may have noticed from the description of other teen programs, your YA Librarian firmly believes in the necessity of providing snacks.)

How? Come to a meeting.  If you can't make it to our next general meeting (12/8 at 7:30), come find me (Elizabeth) in the YA Room, or email me about it.  My email address is edoherty[AT]ocln.org
Young Adult Room
The Young Adult Room is a resource center for teens from ages 13 through 18.  The fiction collection includes classics, new classics and current popular titles.  Titles are chosen to appeal to a wide variety of readers. The Young Adult Room also includes collections of comic books,  graphic novels, nonfiction books and popular magazines. The Youth Adult Room has 2 public Internet workstations reserved for teens.

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  Young Adult Room