Captain Barachiah Lewis Statue

Located on East Street in Walpole, Massachusetts, this statue was privately funded by the Lewis Family. It was placed in a small park in front of the Sergeant William Lewis House. Barachiah Lewis lived from 1653-1710.


1663 Lieut. Lewis 1710
Officer in wars of King William and Queen Anne, constable,
tythingman, tax collector, and surveyor, who on his faithful
horse, covered from Roxbury to Wrentham, laying out ways, and
driving from our woods and swamps, the prowling wolf and savage foes;
father of the pioneer, Isaac Lewis, 1701-1749,
father in law of Maj. Seth Bullard, and uncle of Ensign
Enoch Ellis, of the provincial Congress, patriots and minute men;
and who, with his sons, Isaac and John, early owned the
mile section around Lewis Square.
Ancestor of a long line of defenders of the nation
and of worthy teachers in the pulpit and our public schools.


Serg. William and Judith M. Lewis
by their children
Isaac Newton Lewis and Mary F. Lewis
lest men forget

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