Historical Images From
Walpole, Massachusetts, USA

Below is a list of photos and sketches of historic landmarks located in Walpole, Massachusetts, USA, which are available at this Website. All may be downloaded and used with no restrictions provided that source credit is given.

Because of their length, some files may take a considerable length of time to download.

Photographs and images generously provided by the Walpole Historical Society [more can be found on their website].

Benjamin Pettee House

Bird Hall

Bird School

Blacksmith's Shop

Boyden School

Captain Lewis Statue

Centre School

Clarke's Pond

Colonel Moore's House

Congregational Church

Daniel Allen House

Deacon Willard Lewis House

Deacon William Rhodes' Boot Shop

French and Indian War Memorial

Hall House

Ice House

Lewis Castle


Morse Tavern

New Powder House

Old Town Hall

Orthodox Congregational Church

Pillsbury's Store

Plimpton Block

Rev. George Morey House

Robert Allen House

St. Francis Catholic Church

Sir Robert Walpole

Sketch of Walpole

Smith Drumhead Tannery

South Walpole Railroad Station

Stetson Dam

Stone School 1

Stone School 2

Thomas Clap House

Timothy Mann House

United Church

Village School - School Street

Walpole High School

Walpole Hotel

Walpole Inn

Walpole Library (Original Carnegie Building)

Washington Glover House

Wednesday Club

Wentworth-Daggart House

William Robbins House


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