History of the Library

History of the Library

Town Meeting Votes to Establish a Public Library
[Annual Town Meeting, Monday, March 13, 1876]

First Annual Report of the Trustees of the Walpole Public Library
[Annual Reports, year ending February 1, 1877]

The Walpole Public Library
by Eleanor M. Harding - [from Ye Sawmill Settlement: a history of Walpole's Government 1724-1974]

Grass roots for library system established in 1816

[Walpole Times, Thursday, April 2, 1964]

Dedication. Walpole's New and Costly Public Library Dedicated with Ceremonies Befitting the Occasion. A Large Attendance
[Walpole Enterprise, Saturday, May 16, 1903]

Walpole Library Opens Branch in East Walpole

[Walpole Times, Friday, July 13, 1934]

Walpole cuts ribbon on New Library Building

[Walpole Times, 2012]

Walpole Times Photos: Tour of the new library
[Walpole Times, 2012]
Library Timeline
  • July 15, 1876:  The Walpole Public Library opens at Frank O. Pillsbury's pharmacy.  Mr. Pillsbury is hired as Librarian.
  • September 26, 1881:  The Walpole Public Library moves to "comodius and beautiful rooms in the Town Hall building."
  • 1889 Annual Report:  Deposit Books sent to Bird & Son, East Walpole.
  • May 14, 1903:  The Walpole Public Library opens at its new location on 65 Common St.
  • October, 1903:  Library opens South Walpole deposit station at Mr. Amos L. Hamilton's store.
  • October/November 1906 The library opens a branch library in East Walpole after securing the "use of rooms at the Wednesday Club."
  • Spring, 1914:  North Walpole deposit station begins at the Fisher School.
  • April, 1914:  East Walpole branch is moved from the Wednesday Club house to the Triangle Building at Bird & Son.
  • February 18, 1915:   South Walpole deposit station moves to the new Community House.
  • December 11, 1924:  The South Walpole deposit station moves to the new South Fire Station on Summer Street.
  • July 7, 1925:  The North Branch Library opens "in a basement room at Fisher School."
  • June 27, 1934:  East Walpole Branch moves to "the former Church and Wednesday Club at the corner of Walcott Avenue and Union Street."
  • 1953 Annual Report:  South Walpole deposit station closes.
  • 1970 Annual Report:  Addition to the library completed and accepted by the town at the March 16, 1970 Town Meeting.
  • May 16, 1981 The North Branch Library closes, when the Old Fisher School is sold by the Town.
  • February 4, 1982:  East Walpole Branch officially closes.
  • February 29, 2012:  The Walpole Public Library opens at its new location at 143 School St.