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Walpole is just 19 miles south of Boston, 26 miles north of Providence, Rhode Island, and 205 miles from New York City. Walpole is bordered by Dover on the north, Medfield and Norfolk on the west, Foxborough on the south, Sharon and Norwood on the east, and Westwood on the northeast. Because of the natural resources of Great Cedar Swamp, bog iron, and the Neponset River which falls 151 feet in Walpole, industry was attracted to locate early in Walpole. The community has always maintained an industrial tax base. Yet, because of its 20 square miles of beautiful land, many families have found the charm of its rural character to be an ideal place to raise a family. Thus, the Town has evolved over time into a growing bedroom community with a stable mix of commercial and industrial land uses. The townspeople are known for their typical New England hard work ethic, a very competitive attitude, particularly in sports; a strong pride in community and its schools.
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